Dear 2019, Cheers To 2020!

Hey Peaches,



When they say, “Sometimes when you’re in a dark place you feel you’ve been buried but you’re actually being planted.”    I.Felt.That in 2019. My advice to you all is.. trust the process!


In summary, a year ago.. back in 2018, I was lost. So lost that I wished this earth would open up and swallow me whole.  I was battling with a lot of things all at once. In that moment, I felt so unlucky because literally nothing was working out for me. Every single decision I made would blow up out of proportion to the point that I was scared of taking any step forward. So I decided to stop fighting destiny, let go and let God. Because I didn’t know how to relate with people anymore nor communicate. Opening up was the hardest thing. I mean.. how do you talk about things that you cannot fathom? They call it depression.. I guess.


Watamu and Malindi was that safe haven for me. I isolated myself from everyone for one year straight stretching to 2019 moving to my Grandad’s house in Malindi. Bless his beautiful heart. Honestly though, It.was.not.easy. Literally starting from square one with no plan or direction; Just winging it. Sadly, it costed me losing some people to find myself. Mostly because I was being misunderstood and I wasn’t in any position to explain myself either. (I just happened to master the art of hiding my Ls). My apologies.


Through many ups and downs however, I finally found the light at the end of the tunnel. Long tunnel hey! But my 2019 was a year of manifestations. This year, I felt stronger, wiser and focused. I didn’t really have a choice for growth. Now looking back, it all makes sense.


In desperate search for some inspiration, I shifted my energy and attention towards community work, exploring my talents, new places, meeting new people and being prayerful. Afterall, life is like a game of chess. To win, you have to make a move. Overwhelmingly, doors started opening one after another.

It’s amusing how one door closes and the whole  universe opens for you.  Alhamdulillah!


In 2019, I was blessed with Trashion Kenya. A sustainable community project that I birthed early in May crafting trash into fashion, inspired by the environmental community work which led me to research on sustainable solutions for waste and raise more awareness on conservation. Trashion Kenya has been such a blessing to me, introducing me to the world! Being at the Netherlands for the World Creativity Forum was the highlight of my year. Not to mention, scoring an amazing job in Nairobi. I could go on  counting my blessings this year, but I’ll leave it here. Hoping that you can count as much blessings that 2019 brought to you.


I have never been more humble and grateful in my life. 2019 was THAT FIX IT YEAR for me. I am just being grateful for all the doors that have opened for me this year and for regaining my sanity, direction, drive and focus. For finding myself 🥰 looking forward to 2020 with great ambition.


Going into 2020, the most powerful advice I would give to you through my lessons is,  CHOOSE YOU Peaches. Especially if you find yourself in a compromising situation filled with dilemmas, choose you. I promise you that you will never be disappointed. That was my master key 🔑 in 2019.


Also, be kind and patient with people. You never really know what someone is going through. We should stop feeling entitled towards people’s time, attention and care. We are all trying to work through this thing called life.


In 2020, please take care of yourselves first so that you can be able to take care of others. Remember to choose you and thank yourself for every small step you take forward. Trust God’s timing. You are going to eat in 2020! Most of all, pray and thank Allah for health, giving you another chance to make it right in 2020.


Lastly, let us all please take care of our environment in 2020. Switch to ecofriendly products, stop littering, stop buying plastic and non-biodegradable products which is a whole topic we can discuss later. Raise as much awareness as possible. Do not be part of the problem but be part of the solution because climate change is real. Reuse, Reduce, Recycle! ♻️

Beautiful Art by Kenyan Artsit Phoebe Ouma 🎨 

Cheers To 2020 Peaches 🥂🎉




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