Halloween Drive-In Cinema Experience With Family at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi | Go Places Digital

Hey Peaches!

How are you all doing?

I have been MIA in here, been such a busy bee. My birthday didn’t even make it to my blog this October. I guess I’ll post it as a throwback.

However, October has been a lovely month to me. It’s a good bye for sure as we welcome November. 

Yesterday, the last day of October on the 31st, my family and I had an amazing experience at the drive-in Cinema at Two Rivers Mall in Nairobi, courtesy of Go Places Digital

It was Halloween so there were different events with halloween theme all over Nairobi. Billboards ads, social media, restaurants & hotels hosting halloween parties. It’s always the usual pumpkins, halloween face art, costumes and trick or treat. I personally cancelled all invites that involved crowds and was so certain I was going to stay in and do nothing, because I just didn’t want to risk myself to such exposure. Halloween doesn’t mark any special celebration to me after-all. Just one of those fun events for entertainment.

Until the lovely Nev Jiwani, the CEO of Go Places Digital, also my good friend, called me inviting my family and I to a drive-in cinema with Go Places Digital at Two Rivers Mall. It was the most tempting offer. I couldn’t say no. 

Firstly, because it’s a new experience. Secondly, a safer option with guaranteed social distancing, chilled and pretty cool. Just what I would have in mind.

My mom, two sisters & I, we arrived early, at around 5:30 p.m. at Two Rivers Mall for our movie, The Nun, which was playing at 7:30 p.m. I had watched it already but of course I wanted to enjoy it in a different angle and space.

So we decided to park our car at the drive-in cinema which was an open parking across the Two Rivers Mall’s entrance routing from Limuru Road. The perks of the drive-in cinema parking was that we didn’t have to pay for parking as our ticket was inclusive of parking fee. The Adam’s family was already playing as we parked our car. There were several cars parked in front of us facing the film screen. 

To buy time, we toured the mall a little for some shopping. My mom and I bought 3INA cruelty-free vegan makeup which was on 50% offer! We then got some caramel popcorn at the popcorn counter in the mall. Me being extra, I had my glass container with me, requesting the popcorn guy to serve my popcorn in there. Well, they served popcorn in single-use plastics but my plastic-free self wasn’t having it 😬. He legit gave me that ‘you’re so extra look.’

Time flies! We left the mall when it was 7 p.m., heading straight to our car at the Two Rivers Mall drive-in cinema parking.

How lovely was it meeting and reconnecting with the Go Places family at the drive-in cinema! They are always fun and good vibes. We parked right next to each other. A few cars parked in front of us, facing the screen.

Our car was connected to 87.5 MHz FM radio station as our ears perked up, tuning to the movie’s sound that was only audible to the four of us as we locked our car doors and windows. We got comfortable in our car seats, excited, ready to be swooned into The Nun’s spooky effects for we love horror movies; our family would totally pass for the Adam’s family at this rate. 

The nun horror film never got my attention this much. The horror effects from the clear visuals of the screen synced perfectly with the horrific sounds transmitted through the FM in our car, giving us an out of the world horror movie experience.

It kept us at the edge of our seats as we snacked on caramel popcorn in the car with my mom and sisters.

It was such an intimate experience with my family, relaxed, without fear of contracting coronavirus from strangers because we were safely locked in our cars in the cold Nairobi night.

Most beautiful thing to happen was the magical view of the full moon illuminating the sky above us.

The horror film, The Nun, is about a young nun from Romania, who committed suicide because  she didn’t want the devil to take her soul. Basically, she wanted to be the one to call the shots on her death. As seen in all horror movies, the restless soul of the victim usually seeks revenge and haunts people who they can approach through a spiritual window, to fight this battle for them until they can be victorious and finally Rest In Peace. Such was the case in this film, as the nun’s soul haunted a priest who was compelled to go with his team to investigate this mysterious death. Only for them to find themselves fighting a malevolent demon in the form of a nun. Only for the demon to be destroyed by the blood of Jesus at one spit!!! Sadly though, that one good looking priest who had me all candy-eyed, glued on the screen got possessed by the demon during the fight, with the mark of the Antichrist, symbolized by an inverted cross behind his neck. I was so disappointed! I found myself praying for him, almost forgetting it’s all an act. You should have seen my ‘woiye’ face. Clearly, I never got to watch the nun to the end with such focus! 

Two Rivers Mall hosts Drive-in cinemas every month. There are more drive-ins happening in Nairobi right now at Capital Centre and Galleria. Please subscribe to http://www.goplacesdigital.com/ to stay updated. Thank me later Peaches.

My family and I would like to thank Go Places Digital for giving us such a memorable drive-in cinema experience in Nairobi, Kenya.

It’s satisfying seeing 2 decades of retro drive-in Cinema being honored in Kenya, especially during this pandemic; I would say it’s the most precautious and innovative option. Question is, will I ever go back to a four-wall enclosed cinema after this? 

At least none of us got ghosted! 👻

I hope you didn’t either Peaches. Presuming you had a fun filled Halloween night in a covid-19 social protocol compliance space with your friends and family. Let me know how creative you got.

Please don’t forget to subscribe to my blog.

Stay safe Peaches. Happy November!

Live| Love| Laugh!

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